Sunday 9 May 2021

Assessments & Graduations

Our Learn to Swim program allows for progression throughout the term and strict guidelines are set as to the skills required to achieve the next level.  Our program is divided into 4 distinct phases of instruction and each level within these phases has been created with specific goals, abilities and skills in mind to help your child progress happily and comfortably along their Learn to Swim journey.  

The Assessment Process:

  • Prior to graduation from their current level of swimming each child is assessed by our Learn to Swim Assessor. 
  • Assessment weeks are organised by the Learn to Swim staff each quarter on a regular basis. 
  • If your child's swimming teacher feels that your child is ready to graduate they will ask the Learn to Swim Assessor to assess them the following week. 
  • Once your child is deemed ready to graduate the Learn to Swim Assessor will organise a new class time with you for your child in the next level.
  • Please feel free at any point to discuss your child's progress with the Learn to Swim front desk team.