Sunday 9 May 2021

Party Prices

 Our amazing Pool Party Packages include an exclusive use area for your party, two lifeguards per 25 person in attendance, BBQ facilities and a Giant Pool Inflatable!

Cost Per Inflatable: $270.00 (includes entry for 15 persons)
Lifeguard: Two provided for the first 25 persons
Duration: 55 minutes
Deposit: $100.00
Additional Charges - if applicable
$57.00 for extra 30 minutes
Extra Persons: $62.00 per extra 10 or part thereof
Extra Lifeguard: $73.00 per hour or part thereof
Bbq hire: $16.50


Hire Terms & Conditions

  1. Swim Fit requires a minimum of two (2) weeks notice for the hire of the inflatable.
  2. When booking a party it is requested that you inform the Complex of the approximate number of persons who will be attending. This will assist Swim Fit to ensure your party is properly catered for.
  3. Attendance numbers includes all persons utilising the Inflatable.
  4. For safety reasons an extra lifeguard will be required to be hired for attendance figures between 25 and 55 persons.
  5. Inflatable bookings may not exceed 3 hours in length. 
  6. If the designated party area is required for a period longer than the specified time please ensure this is annotated on the Party Booking and Confirmation Details form. This will allow the Complex to ensure your party is not disturbed by other parties that may follow.
  7. A $100.00 deposit must be paid by the due date specified on your booking confirmation letter.
  8. The balance must be paid before or on the party date. 
  9. For health and safety reasons glass, china, alcohol and smoking are not permitted inside the Complex.
  10. All participants are required to undertake inflatable / event Induction which will include swim assessment, issue of individual wristbands and overview of safety rules. (please attend 15 mins prior to scheduled event time for this process to occur)
  11. * All non-swimmers who are unable to swim 12.5 meters will be required to have a responsible adult supervising them in the water at all times.
  12. For cancellations - A minimum of five (5) days notice is required to be eligible for a full refund or have the party moved to another suitable day. If less than five (5) days notice is given no refund or transfer of payment can be given unless a doctor’s certificate is presented.
  13. Swim Fit reserves the right to terminate the party if any customer becomes unruly, uses unacceptable language, acts in a manner that may be deemed perilous, unsafe or in conflict with any of our policies.  Any monies paid will be forfeited.
  14. Swim Fit reserves the right to cancel the inflatable booking due to bad weather. An alternative date may be arranged free of charge with the staff member named in the booking and confirmation letter attached.