Sunday 20 September 2020

Cotton Tree Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics has been a popular way of keeping fit for years, particularly for people with certain health problems or those recovering from injury. Aqua exercises may be performed with or without pool equipment such as hand paddles or different foam floats such as “noodles” and dumbbells.

At Swim Fit Cotton Tree most of our Aqua classes are held in both the 25m pool and the 50m at the same time! We utilise both the shallow and deep sections of both pools. Generally you don’t even need to be able to swim to participate in an Aqua Aerobics class and bouyancy belts are used in the deep water classes. Although generally more low-impact than land-based aerobics Aqua Aerobics does have most of the fat-burning and endurance-building benefits that you get from other forms of aerobic activity.

Class Timetable

Aqua sessions will start back on Monday 15th June with a skeleton timetable for the first 1-2 weeks.

Monday 8 & 9am. 10am Aqua Zumba ~ Amy A
Wednesday 8 & 9am ~ Kim
Friday 8 & 9am ~ Amy C
Saturday 8am ~ Amy A/Kim

Please Note: ALL Aqua classes will be in 50m pool ONLY for the first week or 2 as the 25m pool has been having some refurbishment work done. We can have up to 40 people in a class in the 50m pool.

Day Class Time

Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Amy A

Aqua Aerobics / 50m pool / 

Aqua Aerobics /  25m / Kim

8.00am - 8.50am

9.00am - 9.50am

5.30pm - 6.35pm


Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Kim

General Aqua / both pools / Kim

8.00am - 8.50am

9.00am - 9.50am


Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Kim

Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Kim

Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Kelly

8.00am - 8.50am

9.00am - 9.50am

5.30pm - 6.35pm


Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Wendy

Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Wendy

8.00am - 8.50am

9.00am - 9.50am


Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Amy C

Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Amy C

8.00am - 8.50am

9.00am - 9.50am

Saturday Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Kim, Amy C alternating 8.00am - 8.50am
Sunday Aqua Aerobics / both pools / Amy A 8.15am - 9.05am

Cost: Casual - $15.00 Concession - $13.00 10 Visit Pass - $116.00 - 3 month expiry 20 Visit Pass $211.00 - 6 month expiry Unlimited Monthly - $214.00


Aqua Aerobics In Our Centres