Sunday 22 September 2019

Stroke Development


  • Continue to advance survival skills
  • Develop proficient freestyle & backstroke over short distances
  • Begin breaststroke & butterfly kicks


  • Seals - maximum of 4 per class - learning basic freestyle & backstroke over short distances
  • Stingrays - maximum of 5 per class - improving freestyle & backstroke, working on breaststroke & butterfly kicks

Graduation Criteria Seals

  • Streamline on front over 12.5m
  • Streamline on back over 12.5m
  • Catch-up freestyle lateral breathing for 12.5m
  • Catch-up backstroke for 12.5m
  • Do a somersault
  • Assisted Standing dive
  • Safety Skills


Graduation Criteria Stingrays

  • Proficient continuous bilateral freestyle for 25m
  • Continuous backstroke for 25m
  • Breaststroke kick with streamline, no board for 12.5m
  • Butterfly streamline kick, no board for 12.5m
  •  Basic tumble turn
  • Unassisted Standing Dives
  • Lane etiquette


Free Assessment:

  • If your child has not swum with us before they will be booked straight in for a free swimming assessment.
  • This complimentary assessment is an important part of the Enrolment process as it ensures that your child gets placed into the correct level in our program rather than trying to guess their swimming skills over the phone!
  • The assessment usually takes about 10 minutes and is organised at a time suitable to you Monday - Friday afternoon after school depending on availability.

Once your child has been assessed we will organise a class day and time suitable to your family. You are now ready to start lessons and will need to be kitted out with goggles and cap which, if you don't already have, can be purchased at our Centre Kiosk.