Thursday 23 May 2019

Ron Coleman

Ron has been a professional coach and teacher of swimming for more than 44 years. With many state and national champions in the pool, and winners at state surf nippers, he has had a wealth of success with elite athletes, but it has been the teaching and development of swimmers that has been his passion. His quest for excellence has taken him to many places in Australia and overseas, working and communicating with some of the leading coaches and teachers in the world. Places like U.S.A., Britain, Mexico, and even Iceland. He has given presentations at conferences to world Coaches and teachers both internationally and nationally. He has been published in national journals more than 50 times and has received two national awards for his contribution to swimming. After having his own swim schools for over 40 years he semi- retired. His friendship with centre manager Tracy Mitchell led him to Swim Fit Buderim where he is keen to give world class tuition and coaching.