Sunday 20 September 2020

Buderim Kids Squads

Our Swim Squads at Buderim focus on stroke efficiency including streamlining, starts, turns and finishes as well as fitness and confidence to allow the swimmers to compete in their chosen field.  We also have a weekly race night on the Friday of each week as part of the squad training program. Time trials are a great way for squad members to gain confidence in racing and to develop racing skills.


This is an introductory level squad group and prepares swimmers for the performance development squad.

Monday: 4pm - 5.15pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 4.15pm - 5.30pm

Friday: - 4.30 - Race Night from 4.30 - 5.30

Tuesday & Thursday mornings:  6.15am - 7.45am


Performance development with a focus on skills and fitness required for school, club, surf and triathlon competition.

Monday: 4pm - 5.45pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 4.15pm - 6.00pm

Friday: 4pm - 4.30 - Race Night from 4.30 - 5.30

Tuesday & Thursday mornings:  6.15am - 7.45am

Squad Coaches

Squad Fees:
All squad bookings at Buderim are perpetual; meaning that once you make your booking it will automatically continue until the booking is either changed, suspended or terminated.
All sessions are costed individually per week with payment due on a fortnightly basis payable via direct debit 
Please note: We do not hold squad on public holidays therefore you will not be charged if your squad session falls on a public holiday.
Sessions / week Direct Debit Fees per fortnight
1 session per week $22.15
2 sessions per week $35.10
3 sessions per week $44.30
4 sessions per week $53.50
5 sessions per week $62.30
6+ sessions per week $66.90
Swim Fit Policy:
  • Suspensions: Your squad booking may be suspended if the swimmer is going to be absent for a minimum period of 1 week and a maximum period of 5 weeks per suspension. You are required to complete a suspension request form addressed to the Complex Manager prior to the swimmer being absent. Suspensions cannot be back dated. A total of 10 weeks suspension in a 12 month period per calendar year is allowed.
  • Make up’s: To be entitled to makeup sessions you must notify us at least 6 hours prior to session time. We allow a maximum of 2 makeup sessions per swimmer per month without a medical certificate. Make up’s may not be carried over to the next month. If you do not turn up for a booked makeup session you will not be entitled to another one. Please reschedule your sessions if the swimmer has a contagious disease. Examples of these are Influenza, Chicken Pox, and Measles etc. If the swimmer has been ill with diarrhoea within the past 2 weeks please do not utilise the swimming pool.
  • Refunds: Swim Fit does not refund except for exceptional circumstances, the request for a refund must be placed in writing to the Complex Manager.
  • Free Entry: All squad members are entitled to free entry to the pool during the life of their active membership (excluding events).